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Hi And A Warm Welcome!

Esther Shneur

(483) 796-5845

Rochel Kaplan


Chumy Delevkovitz (347) 245-7682

We're excited that you've reached out to us and we can't wait to get to know you better!



All of the Shadchanim at the Shidduch Initiative are trained professionals with years of experience. We are patient, open-minded and we never give up!



Our approach puts you, and only you, at the helm of the services our team of shadchanim has to offer.


We understand that the shidduch process is an emotional, daunting and exciting time. We are here to guide you and offer encouragement. At the same time, this is also a time of personal growth and self-revelation. Let us be your partner and grow with you!

Meet Our Team Members:

Get started by sending a WhatsApp message to any of our all-star team members and they will respond within 24-48 hours


We will invest the time to get to know you and understand your needs.

Still not ready, but have some questions? You can respond to this email with any questions. 

We take your privacy very seriously and all correspondence with us or any of our shadchanim is strictly confidential.

Kind Regards,


The Shidduch Initiative

Chevy Lepkivker

(718) 288 1168

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